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The "Stone Circle of Friends" is a volunteer non-profit organization committed to expediting a therapy or a cure for Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. Inspired by Nicholas and Elliott Stone who  fight the disease daily, our focus is to raise funds to support promising research. Since we work with the  Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation and  their scientific board, these funds are awarded to the most worthy applicant and study.  One hundred percent of the funds raised by the Stone Circle are allocated to a research grant. MMD is the number one inherited neuromuscular disease in the United States and it kills one quarter of the most affected newborns. Those who survive face a lifetime of challenges. At this time there is no treatment or cure.
Irish Festival
March 22nd & 23rd 2014
Join us for our 6th year volunteering at the annual Irish Festival in Church Hill!
Stone family
Stone Circle of Friends
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Stone Circle of Friends has join the MDF!

Todd Stone, cofounder of the Stone Circle of Friends, has produced these compelling videos below describing the mission he and his family have undertaken - to fight Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy by helping to fund vital research. According to researchers, the cure is within reach but funding is a major obstacle. The Stones are seeking to give their two boys and others with MMD a chance to thrive in a healthy body, with clear minds and a strong heart. Please consider how you can give to help expedite a cure and make a change in the world.

Miles for Muscles
Iowa Dam to Dam

Saturday, June 4th 2011
David Cook
Dave Cook and his team are trying to raise $15,000 for MMD research!

Todd's Videos

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